FourSite Property Management has been in the multifamily business since 1996.  FourSite’s roots started with Bach Corporation, a family owned and operated company, which began by building and developing single-family homes and later expanded to multi-family and commercial projects.  The sons followed in their father’s footsteps working side-by-side in every aspect of the business including the building and management of several multi-family communities. 

In 2005, driven by a desire for growth, innovation and autonomy, they purchased Bach Homes and Bach Land and Development from their father.  Success and growth have followed the Rindlisbacher brothers.  They have entitled, built and managed over 4,000 multi-family units during their careers with over half of those being constructed within the last 5 years.  During those years, Bach Homes has built a reputation of excellence.  

The management arm of Bach Homes, Bach Asset Management and Advisors, changed its name in 2019 to FourSite Property Management in preparation for a new vision. Previously, the managed portfolio consisted primarily of owner built and managed communities and single-family homes.  Looking into the future, FourSite is looking to continue its success and expand its portfolio to include 3rd party management as well.